Graduate courses taught:

Stockholm University

New Media Studies: Beyond Screen Representation (2019)

Contemporary Cinema: Keywords for the Present (2018)

The Archaeology of Film (2015, 2016, 2017)

Third TV: Television in the Age of Plenty (co-taught seminar) (2015)

Undergraduate courses taught:

Stockholm University

Television: Media History and Popular Culture (2013-2015, 2017-2019)

Cultural Studies and the Moving Image (2015)

Is Film Art? History of a Debate (2015)

Oberlin College

Technophobia and Occult Media (2016)

Network Media (2012, 2016)

Narrating and Documenting the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (2013-2016)

What is Media? Recording, Transmission, Spectacle (2012, 2013)

History of World Film: The Silent Era (2012)

Introduction to the Study of Cinema (2011-2012)

Israeli Cinema (2011)

University of Chicago

Israeli Cinema (2011)

Media Aesthetics II: Text (2011)

Media Aesthetics I : Image (2010)

Film and the Emergence of Modern Media and Visual Culture (2009)

Introduction to Film (2009)